Gradings are designed to asses your ability and test your character. Notification of a grading is not an indication that the student is ready for grading just advising that the minimum required period and amount of compulsory classes has been or likely to be acquired by the grading date.

Students not quite ready will be advised to forego the grading until such a time as they are considered ready, grading is strictly at the instructors discretion.

Students looking for short cuts to belts are advised that they are at the wrong club.

If you’re looking for quality tuition leading to a quality black belt you are at the right club and you will know this.

Grading examinations are held every three months for students. In order to pass a grading the student must, not only demonstrate knowledge of the required techniques, but have an excellent attendance and disciplinary record.

Gradings take place on a weekend at which students are required to bring the correct uniform, protective equipment, valid licence, coarse card and lesson stamp card and any other additional items as instructed by Sensei.

Where possible a panel of examiners will conduct the examination.

See below for the Links Karate Kai Karate, Grading Scale.

Colour of Belt
12th Kyu
White Blue Stripe
11th Kyu
White Red Stripe
10th Kyu
Red White Stripe
9th Kyu
8th Kyu
7th Kyu
6th Kyu
5th Kyu
4th Kyu
Purple + One White Stripe |
Purple + One Brown Stripe |
3rd Kyu
2nd Kyu
Brown + One White Stripe |
1st Kyu
Brown + Two White Stripes ||

The criteria for belt promotion are not only how a student performs certain Karate techniques, but also their mental approach, focus and attitude are taken into consideration.

The first few grading tests are not that difficult, however as a student progresses, grading demands increase and they will need to devote more time to their Karate path.

An official class lesson stamp card keeps a record of a student’s training.